Detroit’s financial criminals leave evidence the size of a hockey stadium

" if you want to argue on the merits that reneging on the retirement promises to public employees is good and moral public policy – fine, go ahead and try to make that argument on the supposed merits... but enacting those cuts under the guise of fiscal necessity while simultaneously handing out huge subsidies to already-wealthy corporate campaign contributors is a whole other matter."


Rico para algunos... pero no para todos

Luis Fortuño 


America - West Side Story

Often I Wonder*

 "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin, Detroit Institute of the Arts


Coke™ vs. Pepsi©

Republican or Democrat, this nation's affluent urban and suburban classes understand their bread is buttered on the corporate side. The primary difference between the two parties is that the Republicans pretty much admit that they grasp and even endorse some of the nastiest facts of life in America. Republicans honestly tell the world: "Listen in on my phone calls, piss-test me until I'm blind, kill and eat all of my neighbors right in front of my eyes, but show me the money! Let me escape with every cent I can kick out of the suckers, the taxpayers, and anybody else I can get a headlock on, legally or otherwise." Democrats, in contrast, seem content to catalog the GOP's outrages against the Republic, showing proper indignation while laughing at episodes of The Daily Show. But they stand behind the American brand: imperialism. They "support our troops," though you will be hard put to find any of them who have served alongside them or who would send one of their own kids off to lose an eye or an arm in Iraq. They play the imperial game, maintain their credit ratings, and plan to keep the beach house and the retirement investments if it means sacrificing every damned Lynndie England in West Virginia.”

― Joe Bageant, (Deer Hunting with Jesus: Dispatches from America's Class War)

A Little Bit Of Soap

The Jarmels

Won't Wash Off

Simply put some WHITE CARNATIONS into a jar/vase of water with a generous amount of GREEN FOOD COLORING overnight or a few hours. Then display... for all to see. Ask people to wash off the coloring. They can't! Point made. This is the same for any pesticide that is applied on the roots or on the leaves of trees and plants. This includes all insecticides and pesticides - even Round-Up!


Too Late Schmart

 Vintage wooden Pennsylvania Dutch-themed postcard found at Renninger's flea market in Kutztown, PA


Coal Kills


"When you think about Superstorm Sandy, melting ice caps, wildfires in Australia, drought in the Southwest, floods in Pakistan, climate refugees from Bangladesh, dying polar bears and species you've never heard of, increased rates of asthma, and farmland that can no longer be farmed — think coal."