Gone Away

Yvonne DeCarlo

Giant Flying Reptiles With Teeth*

*An admittedly radd idea, but scary when you think about one of 'em swooping down on your ass (Quetzalcoatlus was a carnivore with a wingspan of over forty feet).

Archangel Thunderbird

Amon Duul

Miller Time

This confusing -and frankly depressing- chart outlines charismatic 19th century evangelist William Miller's description of signs and events leading up to The Apocalypse. Miller was the founder of the Church Of Seventh Day Adventists and invented the concept of The Rapture. He predicted the world's end and the second coming of Jesus would occur in his own time and attracted thousands to upstate New York in 1842 on the day it was supposed to all go down. When the show didn't happen according to plan, the multitude of assembled believers were seriously bummed and described the non-event as "The Great Disappointment". Miller then figured he must have gotten his math wrong and put forth several subsequent dates - which however came and went without any apparent fireworks.

Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven But Nobody Wants To Die

Loretta Lynn

photo: Reuben Cox

Bombing Our Illusions

Open the newspaper today—or tomorrow, or almost any day for many years to come—and you will discover that some pious Muslim has deliberately blown himself to bits for the purpose of killing “infidels” or “apostates.”
Can we even conceive of a more profligate misuse of human life? As a cultural phenomenon, suicide bombing should be impossible. But here it is.
- Sam Harris


Let's Shake Hands

The Newbeats

The Best Things In Life Ain't Free


Barret Strong

The Good Life

Sacha Distel "La Belle Vie (The Good Life)"

(above) Bernie Madoff scammed this $7 million yacht from investors, christening it The Bull. The Italian-built Leopard, which "epitomizes luxury and comfort," sleeps up to six people and is capable of speeds up to 40 knots.


Dig We Must

Our salaried hipness blankets us in the warmth of security until we masturbate ourselves into an erection of astral rapaciousness and grab whatever pleasures we might in the name of Love, always quick to contrast ourselves with middle-class man.
If there is a contrast, it is slight. Hip and middle-class (as well as communist, fascist, socialist, and monarchist) values, goals, reactions and attitudes offer different styles, but amount to the same end: personal, national, or racial success. "Rien ne reussi comme le suces."
And so, we stay dropped-out. We won't, simply won't play the game any longer. We return to the prosperous consumer society and refuse to consume. And refuse to consume. And we do our thing for nothing. In truth, we live our protest. Everything we do is free because we are failures. We've got nothing to lose, so we've got nothing to lose.
To Show Love is to fail. To love to fail is the Ideology of Failure. Show Love. Do your thing. Do it for FREE. Do it for Love. We can't fail. And Mr. Jones will never know what's happening here, do you Mr. Jones.

The Ideology of Failure
George Metesky, Berkeley Barb, 1966


Theme From An Unmade Silent Movie

Hurricane Smith