Lucio Fontana

La Fine di Dio, 1963-1964 (oil paint on perforated shaped canvases)

In 500 years time people will not talk of art, they will talk of their problems and art will be like going to see a curiosity - like the two rocks put together by the first caveman. What were they up to? Why did they cover walls with pictures? Today man is on earth and these are all things that man has done while on earth, but do you think man will have time to produce art while traveling through the universe? He will travel through space and discover marvelous things, things so beautiful that things here - like art - will seem worthless. Today's young people too are still tied to the earth. Man must free himself completely from the earth, only then will the direction that he will take in the future become clear.
I believe in man's intelligence - it is the only thing in which I believe, more so than in God, for me God is man's intelligence - I am convinced that the man of the future will have a completely new world.
- Lucio Fontana

Hey Ho Let's Go


The Rolling Stones - 2000 Light Years From Home (instrumental mix)

Rocket Man

The Spotnicks

Lost Time

Before man appeared on earth the god Silence reigned everywhere, invisible and present. Black, flabby things, a species of fish-cliff, emerged slowly like submarines on maneuvers, then dragged themselves painfully onto the beach like disabled veterans deprived of their motorized wheelchairs. Vast epochs of silence on earth, everything was steaming! Columns of steam arose from the seething pools, from between the tragic cliffs and the center of the forests. Nature, nature without noise! Uninhabited, silent shores; in the distance, on the milky and disturbingly calm seas, a red sun, disk of drama, solitary disk, sank slowly into the vapor on the horizon. From time to time a monstrous animal, a kind of small island with the neck of a swan and the head of a parrot, left the water to go inland, into the mysterious forest and the depths of the humid valleys. The shores were littered with strange shells: stars; tendrils, broken spirals; some of them moved a little, advancing by sudden starts, then would collapse as though exhausted by the effort and remain motionless again.
- Giorgio de Chricio

Black Gold Of The Sun

The Rotary Connection

Big, Wet, & Hot

NUKU'ALOFA - Scientists inspect an undersea volcano that has been erupting for days near Tonga - shooting smoke, steam and ash thousands of feet into the sky above the South Pacific ocean.

Goodbye Rain Forest - Hello Nano (?)

India's Tata Motor Company has announced the world's cheapest automobile. At only $1,900, proponents claim The Nano will democratize travel, while others predict it's impact in the 3rd World could be similar to the introduction of Henry Ford's Model T in America.
Think LOTS more cars, along with the resulting pollution, traffic - and roads to and through all remaining undeveloped land.
More info here:

Costs of Coddling King Coal

Blackwaters by Jean Ritchie

Coal mining has left a legacy of pollution and exploitation of labor in central Appalachia. Acid mine drainage destroys aquatic life and makes water unfit for human consumption. In some places black sludge can pour from the kitchen tap and in other areas tremendous amounts of iron causes streams to run red (in West Virginia alone over 500 streams are impaired by mine drainage).
The coal industry continues to devastate the environment - blowing up mountaintops and scarring the landscape in the process - while worker residents remain among the poorest in North America.


The continuing story of extracting the world's dirtiest fuel:

Bonaparte's Retreat

Bonaparte's Retreat & Walk Across Texas
The Ebony Hillbillies

Nashville Cats

The Del McCoury Band

Verklempt Version

North American Cats

from top;
Lynx, Cougar
Jaguarundi, Florida Panther
Ocelot, Bobcat

(note: several of the above species have all but disappeared from their former range)



Long after the days and the seasons, and people
and countries.

The banner of raw meat against the silk of seas
and arctic flowers; (they do not exist).

Recovered from the old fanfares of heroism,—
which still attack the heart and head,—far from the
old assassins.

—Oh! the banner of raw meat against the silk
of seas and arctic flowers; (they do not exist).—


Live embers raining in gusts of frost.—Bliss!—
fires in the rain of the wind of diamonds flung out
by the earth's heart eternally carbonized for us.—0

(Far from the old retreats and the old flames, still
heard, still felt.)

Fire and foam. Music, veerings of chasms and
clash of icicles against the stars.

0 bliss, 0 world, 0 music! And forms, sweat,
eyes and long hair floating there. And white tears
boiling,—0 bliss!—and the feminine voice reach-
ing to the bottom of volcanos and grottos of the
arctic seas.

The banner. . .

- Arthur Rimbaud

Vintage Punk

(above) a document from Vince Bannon's legendary Motor City revue.