The OTHER America

"I feel "my country" is not the United States of the Ku Klux-ers, of moral censors in and out of office, of the suppressionists and reactionaries of every type. Not the America of Tammany or of Congress, of respectable inanity, of the highest skyscrapers and fattest moneybags. Not the United States of petty provincialism, narrow nationalism, vain materialism and naive exaggeration. There is fortunately, another United States - the land of Walt Whitmans, the Lloyd Garrisons, the Thoreaus, the Wendell Phillipses. The country of Young America of life and thought, or of art and letters; the America of the new generation knocking at the door, of men and women with ideals, with aspirations for a better day; the America of social rebellion and spiritual promise, of the glorious "undesirables"... It is to THAT America that I am proud to belong."

-Emma Goldman

Power Syndrome

‎"Nothing is more dangerous for man's private morality than the habit of command. The best man, the most intelligent, disinterested, generous, pure, will infallibly and always be spoiled at this trade. Two sentiments inherent in power never fail to produce this demoralisation; they are: contempt for the masses and the overestimation of one's own merits."

-Michael Bakunin (1867)


"The press ... traditionally sides with authority and the establishment."

- Sam Donaldson (ABC correspondent)


"To keep information from the public is the function of the corporate media."

- Gore Vidal


"We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping-jacks; they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."

- John Swinton
(editor of the New York Tribune, in the 1880s, at a banquet of his fellow editors)


"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. "

- Edward Bernays
("father" of modern public relations (PR), on government propaganda)


"They just don't come in contact with people not in their [income] bracket. They've lost touch with their community."

- Stan Opotowsky (of ABC News, about the journalistic elite)


"The loud little handful will shout for war. The pulpit will warily and cautiously protest at first.... The great mass of the nation will rub its sleepy eyes, and will try to make out why there should be a war, and they will say earnestly and indignantly: "It is unjust and dishonorable and there is no need for war."

Then the few will shout even louder.... Before long you will see a curious thing: anti-war speakers will be stoned from the platform, and free speech will be strangled by hordes of furious men who still agree with the speakers but dare not admit it...

Next, the statesmen will invent cheap lies...and each man will be glad of these lies and will study them because they soothe his conscience; and thus he will bye and bye convince himself that the war is just and he will thank God for a better sleep he enjoys by his self-deception."

- Mark Twain


Capitalism is a Pyramid Scheme


View of Outer Space from an Aquarium

Oct 1 – Nov 6
Opening: Sat, Oct 1, 6-9pm
Famous Accountants (1673 Gates Ave, Bushwick, Bkln)

Robbie Acklen • D-L Alvarez • Jonathan Berger • Matt Borruso • Elijah Burgher • Matthew Burcaw • Luke Butler • Brendan Carroll • Christophe Chemin • Wayne Coe • Ryan Cummings • Pia Dehne • Peter Eide • Carl Ferrero • Janine Gordon • Tina Hejtmanek • Charles Hovland • Scott Hug • Kysa Johnson • Gregory Kaplowitz • Brian Kenny • Lewis Klahr • Kristian Kozul • Patrick Lee • Scooter LaForge • Noah Lyon • Robert MacDonald • Michael Magnan • Peter Maloney • Darrin Martin • Rachel Mason • Mike McLeod • Slava Mogutin • Mary Nicholson • Genesis P. Orridge • GwenaĆ«l Rattke • Jason Rodgers • Jo-ey Tang • Margaret Tedesco • Tillie • Nickolaus Typaldos • Jan Wandrag • Joel Westendorf

Curated by Billy Miller

Opening nite art demo by TILLIE: 8pm

Video • Music Mixes • Drink Specials • Surprises
@ The Bodega
24 St. Nicholas Ave (Btwn Scott & Troutman St.)
Jefferson "L" stop
9pm - 12am

(above: collage-painting by: Scott Hug)

Pink Elephants

Sun Ra

Paper Clips*

*one of the few things still made in the U.S.A.!


Bodies & The Machine

Mario Savio - "The Machine Speech", Sproul Hall Steps, Dec. 2, 1964

Bought & Paid For

‎"I think what's driving people to the streets in NY and around the country now... is the realization that change is not going to come through the ballot box, because the political process has been bought and paid for."

-Naomi Klein