Lost Time

Before man appeared on earth the god Silence reigned everywhere, invisible and present. Black, flabby things, a species of fish-cliff, emerged slowly like submarines on maneuvers, then dragged themselves painfully onto the beach like disabled veterans deprived of their motorized wheelchairs. Vast epochs of silence on earth, everything was steaming! Columns of steam arose from the seething pools, from between the tragic cliffs and the center of the forests. Nature, nature without noise! Uninhabited, silent shores; in the distance, on the milky and disturbingly calm seas, a red sun, disk of drama, solitary disk, sank slowly into the vapor on the horizon. From time to time a monstrous animal, a kind of small island with the neck of a swan and the head of a parrot, left the water to go inland, into the mysterious forest and the depths of the humid valleys. The shores were littered with strange shells: stars; tendrils, broken spirals; some of them moved a little, advancing by sudden starts, then would collapse as though exhausted by the effort and remain motionless again.
- Giorgio de Chricio

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