Lucio Fontana

La Fine di Dio, 1963-1964 (oil paint on perforated shaped canvases)

In 500 years time people will not talk of art, they will talk of their problems and art will be like going to see a curiosity - like the two rocks put together by the first caveman. What were they up to? Why did they cover walls with pictures? Today man is on earth and these are all things that man has done while on earth, but do you think man will have time to produce art while traveling through the universe? He will travel through space and discover marvelous things, things so beautiful that things here - like art - will seem worthless. Today's young people too are still tied to the earth. Man must free himself completely from the earth, only then will the direction that he will take in the future become clear.
I believe in man's intelligence - it is the only thing in which I believe, more so than in God, for me God is man's intelligence - I am convinced that the man of the future will have a completely new world.
- Lucio Fontana

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