Too Little Too Late

QUESTION: Why is there never enough money to oversee and inspect before a disaster, but somehow, the funds miraculously become available after the shit hits the fan? Now, inspectors and experts are everywhere. Too late, the harm's done. "We will keep our boot on their neck until the job gets done." says Secretary Salazar. Well, not exactly... Let's face the facts. It's the U.S. middle class that has the boot on their necks. We all know that BP isn't going to be paying for their cleanup. The U.S. taxpayer will eventually be responsible to pay in a million big and little ways over decades to come. Our government's energy strategy and human greed are bankrupting our country. And, as usual, the environment is destroyed and lives are lost; all for profit. If the onus of fiscal responsibility is going to be placed on the necks of the taxpayers, let's make sure we're going to get something in return.

- e.l.f.

UPDATE... Guess what?... BP lied... (big surprise right?):

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