"The first and greatest source of economy, the richest mine of wealth ever worked by man, is the division and exchange of labor.
The products of machinery are now sold for what they will bring, and therefore its advantages go exclusively into the pockets of its owners.
Money represents robbery, banking, gambling, swindling, counterfeiting etc., as much as much as it represents property; it has a value that varies with every individual that uses it, and changes as often as it is used.
Every attempt at amendment only produces new disappointments, and increases the necessity for other amendments and additions without end, all to end in disappointment and the greater insecurity of everyone engaged in or trusting to them.
The security of person and property requires exemption from the fear of encroachments from any quarter.
The forming of societies or any other artificial combinations IS the first, greatest, and most fatal mistake ever committed by legislators and by reformers.
To be harmonious and successful we must begin anew; we must disconnect, disunite ourselves from all institutions or rise above them.
If every one was the law unto himself, all would be perfect anarchy and confusion."

-Josiah Warren, New Harmony, Indiana, U.S., 1846


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