Detroit’s financial criminals leave evidence the size of a hockey stadium

" if you want to argue on the merits that reneging on the retirement promises to public employees is good and moral public policy – fine, go ahead and try to make that argument on the supposed merits... but enacting those cuts under the guise of fiscal necessity while simultaneously handing out huge subsidies to already-wealthy corporate campaign contributors is a whole other matter."



  1. I agree its hypocritical. How can we hope to restore democracy to citizens betrayed by their representatives that were looking to cash in on public union support if we don't first demand corporations start paying their share. As long as we live in this plutocracy we can never hope to garner support for tax payers who have no representation, no say in how many public employees they're forced to hire, no say in how much tax payers are forced to pay for those services. Nobody is on the tax payer side of the bargaining table. Its just public unions and politicians on one side both discussing how best to screw the tax payer. Public employees in Calif live like royalty. They're the best jobs available. All public employees will argue in favor of double dipping pensions. All public employees-as they should-strive to do as much financial damage to the state that employs them as they can. Would we be any different if we were public employees? Who would we vote for? Obviously we would rally behind the most aggressive crook we could run with orders get in there and stuff their pockets with as much of the general fund as they can. Because if I'm a public employee THAT'S MY MONEY. As a public employee every greedy perk I can think of to better my position has the exact opposite effect on the state. Its just that simple. That's why we city after city going bankrupt. San Bernardino, Stockton, Los Angeles one right after the other. Cities only have one real obligation-fat pensions and exorbitant public employee salaries. And if I was one of them I would spin it to make it sound like filling my pocket was the best thing for the country and healthy for the economy. In fact I'm sure of it. I've met me. And good luck trying to convince me I don't deserve all of it. Its the old Upton Sinclair adage: Its difficult to make somebody understand something when their salaries depend on their not understanding it. But there is even uglier ramifications to public unions that dwarf corporate political contribution. Like The Teacher Union an unstoppable monster that caps income for the desperately needed "effective teacher" and provides safe haven for the clock watcher and even the pedophile. Last year we suffered a great example of what happens when the most powerful political entity is the Teachers Union. We discovered one of the teachers was spoon feeding his semen to the children. A lot of parents disagreed with this behavior and a team of administrators conferred for the next month on what to do about it. Parents begged please could we not have the pedophile in the classroom. The Union said its not that easy. He's tenured you can't fire him. Finally the union consented and said okay if he goes to prison you can replace him but you can't stop paying him. LASD in the last 6 years has attempted to fire teachers on 7 different occasions. Can you possibly grasp how bad a teacher has to be before the LASD wants to get rid of him. You don't even need a pulse to satisfy LASD. They were successful in ONE of those seven attempts. Total charges to the tax payer 33 million. Thats the world we get when public union power goes unchecked.